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Jumana Abu-Ghazaleh, Founder of By Kith & Kin

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The first step in creating a successful Social Media footprint is to have a well-defined brand. We will go through tips and best practices for developing a great brand story and we will guide you through a step-by-step process for creating your very own brand story that you can start using in your Social Media profiles right away.
With over 340 million Tweets generated on a daily basis, Twitter is a data mining extravaganza.

What you will learn
  • How to find and grow your followers
  • How to build relationships with your followers
  • How to proactively find potential customers
  • How to create a lead generation funnel using Google Search and Google Alerts
  • How to leverage Twitter Lists to connect better with your followers
  • How to optimize tweets for your desired outcome
  • Tactics for getting Re-tweeted
  • Most Effective Twitter posts
  • The best times to Tweet
  • Time management tips
  • How to measure your network and impact
  • Tools to help you optimize your Twitter experience
Did you know that a large percentage of your Facebook fans are not seeing your posts? This is because of a hugely misunderstood, but very important algorithm that Facebook uses to determine how many people will see your content. In this session you will learn what this algorithm is and how to change your posting style and content to ensure your fans are seeing your messaging. This is the key to building a large active community on Facebook.

What you will learn
  • How the Facebook Algorithm works and how it impacts your posts
  • Content strategies to increase user engagement
  • Best times to post
  • Facebook advertising options
  • Personal page vs. Business page
  • How and why you should use hashtags and user tagging
In case you haven't heard: As of May 2013, Google+ has hit 500 million registered users! Many are completely ignoring it because they don't know how to use it and some don't think there are any differences between it and the more-established networks like Twitter and Facebook.

What you will learn
  • Why Google+ matters
  • How Google+ is different than other Social Media platforms
  • How to use Hangouts and 'Hangouts on Air' for business collaboration
  • How Google+ affects Google search
Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social media networks ever. It’s the third most popular social network in the U.S. in terms of traffic and is one of the best social networks for driving social commerce. For many companies, it's driving more referral traffic than Twitter and Google+.

What you will learn
  • Why Pinterest is such an important Social Media platform
  • How to use Pinterest as a source for traffic
  • Tips & best practices on how to pin your content to get maximum brand exposure and links back to your site
  • Image tips to get more re-pins
  • How to prevent people from pinning your content
  • How and why you should use hashtags
  • Best times to post
  • Tips for creating more user engagement
  • Examples of creative ways businesses use Pinterest
  • the differences between Pinterest and Instagram social networking platforms.
LinkedIn is the largest professional Social Network with 135 million users. If you're a business professional and you don't have a powerful LinkedIn presence, you are missing valuable opportunities to connect and grow your business.

What you will learn
  • How Market yourself and your business on LinkedIn.
  • Tips for optimizing your LinkedIn profile to get found by the right people
  • Applications to enhance your profile
  • How to build your network
  • How to leverage LinkedIn groups to connect with your target market
  • How to ask for introductions...and get one
  • How to set up your company page
  • How to develop thought leadership
  • How to measure the ROI of your linkedIn efforts
After an entire day of learning and understanding the different Social Media platformS, you will have an opportunity to create an action plan. We will provide you with a template that you can follow and put the plan into action the next day!

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